Fish courses at the Italian restaurant La Terrazza in Gothenburg

Pesce - Fish

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Here below you will find our different fish courses.

Ippoglosso al forno con scampiOven baked halibut & scampi with butter & grilled tomato. Served with two optional side order!

Choose a side order

*Porcini sauce    *Green pepper sauce    *Gorgonzola sauce

*Red wine sauce     *Lobster sauce     *Potato gratin

*Garlic- & habaneroaioli     *Mix salad     *A tomato & onion salad

*Tossed spinach with garlic     *Tossed brussel sprouts with garlic

*A butter- & parsley risotto

Ingredients and prices are subject to change.

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday 15.00-20.00


Friday 14.00-20.00


Saturday 12.00-20.00

Sunday 14.00-20.00

La Terrazza

On Sten Sturegatan in Gothenburg lies the popular Italian restaurant La Terrazza just a stone's throw from Gothenburg's event area. On the walls hang various instruments and elements that give a rustic feel and sometimes represents a creative lighting. A broad Italian a la carte, supplemented with pizzas and Sunday dinner is offered. The wine list is extensive, with Italian wines as it should.


Sten Sturegatan 19

412 52 Göteborg




031-18 82 88
(not for reservations)